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Thread: Seminars

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    Since i've been sidelined here at home for the last few weeks and haven't been able to do any races or get to the seminar, ( I know, waaaa! ) I have a list of questions regarding the Long Pac Safety Equipment Requirements.

    2.7.1 "mechanical propulsion system that is quickly available" My boat has an outboard motor that i will remove to instal an e-rudder. Does having the motor aboard with a provision to be able to instal it suffice?
    Can I leave it on the dock?

    3.3.2 " second set of navigation lights that can be connected to a different power source than the primary lights." I have a masthead tri-color and deck lights on dedicated circuits, but both connected to the same battery bank.
    Do I need another battery that is isolated from the system?

    3.9 "All boats shall have an AIS transponder" Does this me I have to have the capacity to SEND AIS? I have the ability to receive AIS.

    3.13 " A boat shall have a method of receiving weather information in addition to VHF" i can get basic forecast info on my Delorme. Will this qualify?

    3.17 "A boat shall have a knot meter and/or distance measuring instrument." I have two separate GPS units that give me speed over ground and position. I have a taffrail log, can I leave it on the dock too?

    3.29.1 "A boat shall have an emergency tiller, capable of being fitted to the rudder stock." I have backup tiller that attaches to the rudder head. Do I need another head to attach to the rudder shaft?

    3.33.2 Trysail or "Alternatively, a mainsail with a reefing system to reduce the luff length by at least 40%, but which does not obscure the appearance of the yachts sail numbers will satisfy the trysail requirement."
    I don't have measurements for my reef points, but after looking at photos, it looks like I need to add a third reef.

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    I think that is about all for now. I need to measure the two small jibs I have to make sure they fit the dimensions for 3.33.3 "heavy weather jib" and 3.33.4 "storm jib"

    Just a little over a month to go and still lots to do! Yikes!!

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    Most of those requirements were removed in the updated list:

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