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Thread: Small ish trimaran??

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    Default Small ish trimaran??

    I see there is a extra hull or whatever class and wondering about sailing a Cross 24 tri in 2018. I have yet to acquire the boat but is roughly the same main hullwise as a Olson 25. I have a 34' cat also which would be great but need a boat I can trailer from NE florida. Any thoughts? Will be building a new set of amas and have open wing decks for offshore.

    Jeff Goff

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    Hi Jeff,
    A Cross 24 is a very small boat. I used to be in partnership with Norm Cross on his 32R "Crossfire" and he told me that the reason he designed Crossfire was that his earlier 24 was too small to carry 4 crew and food/water for the Newport to Ensenada (125 nm) race. He had won that race with a 24 at three crew but when the rules were changed to require 4 on the boat the 24 didn't respond well to the extra load.
    Norm was very weight conscience on the boat. We would take everything (literally) out of the boat before a race and repack only what was required including only a couple gallons of water for the Newport-Ensenada.
    I would imagine that the safety gear, water and food for the SHTP would seriously overload a 24.
    Bob Dixon (in San Diego) sailed for years with Norm and also built the plug for the first F27 and sailed an F27 in the SHTP. You might see if you could locate him and ask about a small tri in SHTP.

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