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Thread: New Boat 4 Tchoup

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    There is a great article in the new Small Craft Advisory by Paul Kamen on his voyage from Richmond to Stockton on his son's El Toro.
    Lot's of good ideas for how we could make a SF RAID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tchoupitoulas View Post
    No worries on the hijack Ants but how about a picture of your Glider?
    Agree that threads are meant to be broken. Yes, Ants! We love looking at boats boats boats. And if there's some background we learn a little something about you, too: like whether you work in your driveway (like Alan) or in a meticulous workspace, like Stephen.

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    Here is a happy and quick correction, the Big Glider is not mine any more, but rather Sled's.

    As for pictures, I am a few steps behind. Step 1 is to read the forum directions on photo posting. Then there is some inertia on my part to over come.

    An El Toro through the delta with be a hoot. The Bodfish fleet still includes a couple of Sabots.

    I have been retired since '04, and still can't find time for all the fun things to do. But, I keep trying.


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