If anyone is looking for crew on the upcoming Farallones or Long Pac races, I'm available. I saw something about the SH race also allowing DH entries...

Sailing background: Since December I've owned an Ericson 35, Ergo, which coincidentally once belonged to an esteemed member of this group. I singlehand her on the bay while going through the work to get her ready for coastal outings. I've crewed on two coastal passages - one down to LA and one up to Astoria. Recently took the two day Safety at Sea course at SFYC. I started sailing a couple of years ago and went though the bareboat cruising level at OCSC.

In terms of "racing" - I've only been in one actual race - this year's Three Bridge Fiasco aboard Redsky. For full disclosure, my spinnaker work... needs work. But I can get that work in before the LP.

Shoot me a message!