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    Default Thanks YRA RC

    I want to thank Laura, Andy, Donal and crew at YRA for running this race. I was unavailable to attend on the race deck site for this one and it is not easy for them to run basicly two races YRA & SSS at the same time in one.

    I think the common thread is both YRA and SSS need much higher definition video cams (HINT we must have someone out there in our sailing community with Hi-Def connections). All RC's spend countless volunteer hours loosing eye site trying to read sail numbers from far away racers in the fog/dark.....Thanks for racing with us.....SSS & YRA

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    +1. Good comments, Rick. I think we should all spend a season on race deck. The work that must go into such an effort is probably completely under-appreciated to most racers. I also feel for the race committee when things go sideways, as it did a bit in Drakes Bay. The experience is invaluable to sailors like me. I will never be able to express my appreciation for the race committee for being there so I can participate in such a cool race venue.

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