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Thread: Dinghy for Hanalei Bay

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike cunningham View Post
    I took a dingy to Hanalei and regretted it. It was a small 8 foot hard transom. The hard transom was a pain. It weighed a ton and was a major pain to deploy from my smaller cockpit area. A soft roll up achilles would work pretty well though. But either way you have to be cautious the darn thing isn't misappropriated when it is on the beach. An inflatable Kayak would be a good and compact option. plus you cold probably get it off the beach without killing yourself. A Kayak would probably handle the surf a bit better too. It absolutely amazing the excitement generated by a two foot shore break.

    Funny story - isn't there always. I had the aforementioned dingy tied to my transom while at anchor at Hanalei. Earlier I had been drinking a few beers (fortunately) and got up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Got out to the cockpit in a daze and said "wasn't the dingy here earlier?". Blearily gazing about that beautiful moonlight bay I saw my dingy gently rocking in the swell about 100 feet from the boat. Thankfully there was no wind. It being the tropics, I was dressed down considerably, I think I had my wedding ring on. Anyway without too much forethought I dove in to retrieve the dingy. So there I am in mid dive thinking gee wiz, if I can't get the dingy I won't be able to climb back into the boat and if I can't climb into the boat I am going to have to call for help or swim ashore without a shred of clothing on me. That is going to be embarrassing for all concerned. Then I hit the water and swam like the dickens before the dingy got any further away. Of course all went well and I got back with my dignity intact but it just goes to show that the SHTP is an adventure that just keeps on giving.
    That got me laughing. What a funny story!!

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    I took one of those small inflatable kayaks and it was highly serviceable in the Bay, even the part about towing jugs filled with fresh water to replenish my tanks. This is the newer version of what I took, but you get the idea.

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