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Thread: Weather and Wind forecasting for SHTP

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    Default Weather and Wind forecasting for SHTP

    In my pursuit of one day bringing a boat to San Fran to participate in the SHTP, when my personal circumstances allow, I have been studying routing strategies to Hawaii. Years ago I read what was probably the definitive, and still correct, essay by Stan Honey, which explained what optimum Course to take in relation to the Pacific High weather phenominum.
    In looking for a reference book to bone up on celestial navigation, I purchased a book by David Burch, and in researching his credentials, found two other books (of 13 he has written), which is entitled Modern Marine Weather, 2nd Edition, which also goes into the specific techniques for picking the optimum routing around it to Hawaii. It also discusses equipment needed to get the grid files and other info needed, such as forecasting and evaluating the strength and movement of the Pacific High. I have found both of his books very clear and well-written. (And no, I don't get a commission)
    Jim Bates

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    Yes, excellent resources. Here's another to dig into and understand those mysterious 500-mb charts, in case you want to pursue your Phd in meteorology: or here:

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