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Thread: The cost of the race

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    ^^^^ Now, I'm not feeling so badly about the costs! From the posts so far, it seems the range is about $10-20 K per TransPac or per year, which has likely been my situation, to bring a (local) coastal boat up to offshore snuff. Seriously, what else would you want to do with your time and money?!

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    In 2007 I bought a Santa Cruz 27 and trailer for $8K. The trailer wasn't in very good shape, it was OK, but not great. I had some stuff left over from my 2004 SHTP attempt like the SSB radio and the Navik windvane. I spent about $6500 on other stuff, the one big ticket item was a new spinnaker. Basically, the money I got from selling my previous boat, a Santana 3030, bought the SC 27.

    Weeks before the start I put the boat up for sale on Hawaii Craigslist. I had about 6 really good buyers ready to go, and picked one before I got there. I had a whole contract drawn up, where the buyer agreed to purchase the boat and only was out of the contract if the mast fell down, the rudder fell off, or there was breach of the hull.

    I stripped everything off of the boat when I got to panels, SSB, everything needed to do the SHTP except for the Navik, which had gotten busted on the way over.

    When I got back I sold all the equipment. I got a few bucks for the trailer, not a whole lot. Between the sales price of the boat in Hawaii and the $ gotten from selling the equipment, I broke even. That means that I had no boat, but I didn't owe anything. so I guess that means that my 2008 SHTP cost about $14K.
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    I thought people might be a little reluctant to disclose expenses. But since we are sharing... I already owned my boat so that was a freebie. I spent about $15K getting her ready for the SHTP. I was pretty liberal with my spending but did most work myself so material costs did add up. That was with me borrowing an e-rud from Rick Elkins. I did buy my raft and upgraded to a below decks AP (thank god). So those were $5K right there. There were a ton of miscellaneous bits and pieces.

    Gordie built me an e-rud this year and early enough in the timeline where I can kinda skip inclusion in the 2018 SHTP budget. This is the trick. Buy stuff routinely and start buying next SHTP stuff as soon as the current SHTP is complete. That way you can trick yourself into thinking you aren't spending so much since its spread out over two years.

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