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Thread: Anchoring and Its Discontents

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    I'll just leave this here:

    Anchoring in Hanalei Bay

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    Nightmare is a 4700 lb Wilderness 30, might add a few pounds for extra gear.

    I don't have a bow roller or chocks for my anchor rode.

    It was suggested to set up a bridle so the bow and rode don't destroy each other.

    I used an old piece of 3/16 dyneema lifeline, about 9 feet long. Put brummel splices on each end and doubled it through a section of fire hose and attached it to the toe rails with a couple of shackles. Put a hitch in the rode around the bridle/hose and backed it up on the bow cleat.

    Worked very well.

    Thought I would add this in case anyone came across this thread looking for anchoring tips.

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    Very nice, Greg. Thank you! Simple, effective and inexpensive. I love it. Here's a video I found from the day before the start of the Race:

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