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Thread: “What worked” - from a non-SHTP-racer

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    Default “What worked” - from a non-SHTP-racer

    Something that worked great on that SHTP-race was the position report, log-report and the return log.

    Thanks a lot to everybody for his input and letting as at home participate in the race.
    It was great to hear about nice sailing days, to learn form you how you managed difficult situations and repaired broken stuff. To laugh about the funny stories, starting with the seal to the fishing exercising. Posting even your thoughts made it easier to imagine how you where feeling out there and what great camaraderie developed. It also brought back some memories and feelings of own previous long passages and one big race.

    Also thanks to those providing pictures an d videos to look at.
    Special thanks to Al and Jim even providing a return log.

    I also enjoyed a lot reading the threads before the race, which have been very helpful – lots of good advice – and even the chit-chat was fun to read. A really great forum!!
    All this together is very motivating and helps a lot holding on to my dreams and make them a plan – and working hard on it to make them come true soon.

    Hopefully I see you all one day in SF or Hawaii. One day I will sail over there –most certainly not as a racer because lack of skills - but at least to say “Hi” and if possible to volunteer and to give a little bit back from what you gave to me the last two years whilst reading your superb forum daily.

    I hope you all keep this forum running on this high level, and never ever allow anybody to bring it down.


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    Default Another Non-Racer Comment

    Yes, absolutely, What Erika Said! This is my second SHTP following the Forum up to the race, the fantastic blogs during the race and return, and the post race debrief. Very insightful ideas and "realistic preview" for those of us planning voyages. Thank You for all of it, and don't let any peanut gallery commentators get you down.


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