Hi SSS Members,

We have updated the Notice of Race / Standing Sailing Instructions for 2018 to address some issues found during the Three Bridge Fiasco.

1) We added text to section to Section 11 stating "A retirement reported by VHF is incomplete until an acknowledgment is received from the Race Committee."

2) We modified Section 19 to state that the NOR/SSI will be posted on both jibeset and our SSS website, but that the Additional Sailing Instructions (ASIs) for each race will be posted on jibeset.

These are minor changes. Change (1) came about because we had well over 30 boats that did not retire from the Three Bridge Fiasco, and the Race Committee was calling those boats up until 10:40 when the last boat was reached. The USCG would not let us close out the race until we could account for all boats. PLEASE REPORT YOUR RETIREMENT! You may phone in your retirement, or you may hail the RC on VHF, but if by VHF, you must receive an acknowledgment for your retirement to be valid. As you recall for the Three Bridge Fiasco, the official Race Committee channel was 72, but we allowed boats with odd sail numbers to check in on 71; we suspect some boats stayed attempted to retire on 71, which was not monitored after checkins.

Change (2) simply makes the Jibeset site the official notice board for all Additional Sailing Instructions. Note that the NOR permits the ASIs to be amended through 9PM on the Thursday before each race.


Jim Vickers
2018 SSS Race Chair