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With heavy up Channel traffic paralleling close to port, and shipping into Le Havre , they're earning their keep. Likely thankful for a full moon. You did say the radar was working, oui?
Yep, the radar was working when I tested it. I did get in touch with them and they are indeed getting strong support from tide currents (they said up to 9 kts).

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About the routing... One can’t help bit wonder how much “local knowledge” comes into play. It would appear that these guys either know what they are doing, or are incredibly lucky. I suspect the former.
Yeah, the skipper is a French pro who's been sailing the area for a long time: https://www.class40.com/fr/skippers/...carpentier.htm

And it's in the family as his dad had (still going) a long career in sailing as well: https://www.class40.com/fr/skippers/...carpentier.htm