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Thread: Around the World from West coast?

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    As things are going it's likely that I'll just leave from HMB, go under the bridge, and turn around. Unless maybe someone has a contact at the GGYC or SFYC, and maybe the YC would be willing to offer a temp berth, and if there's enough depth of course. There's still South Beach Harbor but I'm still trying to save $.
    Solo RTW

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    Maybe Pier 39. Dregeded 2018.
    Isabelle Autissier was here in 1994.
    Maserati with Giovanni and Ryan in 2013.
    I have a 45ft slip -my renter just bailed but depth needs to be checked- it's all yours if it'd work.
    I'll see if the Maserati slip is available.
    Easier to get some media here too.
    I'll pm you.

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