The short answer to your question is no, there is no track archive that I know of. I'd be happy to be proven wrong on that.
longer answer below.

To date all of the tracking providers (Yellow Brick, etc) have required a weblink on the SHTP website that then sends you to their site.
the net result is the SSS does not own the displayed data.

There is a link to the 2016 site on the main SSS site here
Up until at least January, you could replay the race on the tracker map.
That now appears to be broken, likely due to the tracking companies [Pinnacle] demise.

There was no weather overlay, nor to my recollection has there ever been, for SHTP tracking sites.
Even if there were, I cannot think of a tracking site that archives the weather... they all cache a certain amount of weather data and dump what is older than the current hour.
Looking at the Volvo site, even with all of their resources, you can only move the "weather" forward in time, not back. you can scrub the boat tracks back, but not the weather.

much of this will very likely change this year, hopefully to include Windy - no promises, the dev on that is ongoing and they (windy) are not very communicative just now.
We will also be working with Jibeset for our tracking, which has the added benefit of us gaining an archive.