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Thread: Round the Rocks 2018

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    Default Round the Rocks 2018

    Good day,
    Just making sure I haven't missed it ... the SI/NOR are not on jibeset, right? What's the course for this event?
    Solo RTW

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    Hi Philippe,
    As I recall, I'm the one who dreamed up this course several years ago. It's been tweaked since, but I think it's something like:
    Start on Berkeley Circle
    Alcatraz to stbd
    Harding Rock to stbd
    Red Rock to stbd
    Brothers to stbd
    Red Rock to *port*
    Finish in front of Richmond YC -- or on Circle again?

    I deny all responsibility for errors in the above ;-) but it should give you some idea what to expect!


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    Yes, last year we finished at Richmond YC.
    Mind the restricted area around the Richmond Long Wharf.

    Fun course!!

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    An even 100 shorthanded crews signed for the Single Handed Sailing Society's
    "Round The Rocks" race on Saturday. A 19.3 nm jaunt from the Berkeley Circle, up and over
    "The Rock" Alcatraz, and up to Harding Rock and then north the Bothers, leaving all to starboard,
    then back south leaving Red Rock to port and finishing in the Potrero Reach at the RYC Race Platform.

    Conditions were as expected, light to medium at start with winds in the 8-10 knot with slack water changing
    towards an ebb made for a fast ride to the west from the flats towards the gate, and just enough south in breeze
    for boats carrying kites to set them after rounding Harding. Nary a boat we saw headed towards Point Blunt, instead
    Raccoon Strait was the route d'jour. And though winds were lighter in the strait for the front runners, it was still
    enough for decent smg through and out towards the North Bay.

    Buzz and Mikey taking a break in Kiel Cove

    The one caveat was the sneaky mud bank that lives between Elephant Rock and Bluff Point on the
    north side of the strait. Condor was doing quite well in the DH Monohulls when they went into a gybe which
    never really got completed. "We had just started the gybe, and I was looking at the depth sounder, it had gone from
    60' to 25' and then thud" Buzz would later explain. With a little assist, they were able to use their anchor to kedge
    off the berm but had to retire due to utilizing motor and outside assistance.

    Meanwhile, back on the course, Peter Stoneberg's Prosail 40' Shadow was engaged in a slow but steady upstream
    battle to get up and over The Brothers, in hot pursuit, the mighty tris, Looking Good, Roshambo and Mojo along with a few ULBS
    Timberwolf, and Outsider. Shadow would round 1st in 10-12 knots, followed closely by Looking Good then Outsider for 1st Mono.
    With the current now assisting, it was a mad dash towards the finish. Shadow would take the overall 1st o finish, crossing the line @ 14:45:24 but would relenquish
    all the in spades, as the back of the fleet got a large dose of extra breeze assist, a 10 knot or so boost, that provided the higher raters a gift from Mana.

    The sudden increase in wind gave the boats in the back a healthy dose of "Yes We Can" and the crew working the finish line a big shot of "Yikes, they are all coming at once"

    All in all, the vast majority finishing in a window between 15:15:00 and 15:40:00

    The various corrected time winners are listed below in results.

    All in all a great day of short handed sailing with a big thrust at end to give crews even more to smile about.

    Outsider, with Greg Nelsen and Ethiopian Tom would take 1st Monohull honors, AND fastest elapsed time entire fleet honors, but correct out well down the food chain.

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    Fleet Results

    Overall Results

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    After the Round the Rocks race my crew and I moseyed on up to the Richmond Yacht Club where we found a few people still sitting around in the sunshine. Christine Weaver and Jonathan Gutoff were there, and Rick Elkins was nursing a beer. Al Germain came over to ruefully describe his misguided decision to go 'round Angel Island instead of through Raccoon Straits, enabling "that damned JouJou" to sneak by him. In fact the damned JouJou snuck by all three Wileys in this race. Hard to feel sorry for a Wiley sailor, they seem to win so effortlessly.We like our former Commodore, though, and so responded politely and commiserated with him anyway: "Awww, that's too bad, Al."

    Our Race Pro, Jim Vickers, had left at 3pm, trying to beat the traffic back home to San Jose. Attention is required: He comes all the way from San Jose, sails his boat over from Alameda as Race Committee boat for our enjoyment, then takes it back to Alameda before driving home ... to San Jose. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Jim.

    And what about Rick Elkins? He stayed behind and took over Race Deck responsibilities – for the late finishers. Having sold the lovely Lightspeed, Rick has bought a little multi hull that he can (just barely) legally tow from his driveway in Granite Bay. He says his grandkids love it, and he loves not paying slip fees. Here’s the point: Granite Bay to Richmond Yacht Club? That’s a two hour drive. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Rick.

    My point? Some people come a long way and spend alot of time working so we can enjoy these races. If you have the time, why not step up and help run this club? Email the Commodore or offer your time and talent at a skipper’s or awards meeting. Think of it as karma. Don't leave home without it.
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