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Preparing for the SHTP is all consuming, i have felt short of time for more than a year! Friday morning felt no different as the Napa Valley Marina folks reminded me they need the higher end of the tidal range to haul out, so my cut-off time was around 3:30 PM, it was 8 am. So we piled into my car and headed to RYC. Why Jackie and Bob asked to come on this delivery, I don't know, but I guess any time of the water is better than a day of work! My memory said the gas tank was fairly full, but in my haste I neglected to check. The results of that failure to give the can a shake have been documented above.
After the petrol ran out and the wind was moving us forward, but at pace not in keeping with modern schedules, we speculated on Alma and her sister-ships making their way up the same water, as hay fields still exist on the other side of the muddy banks we were looking at all day. They must have had more patience in those days, but they didn't have a June 23rd start to make, so they could afford the patience!!
No weight Nazi here, just a sailor in a rush. Besides, Fugu brought a french press to Drakes Bay a couple of years ago, that's luxury on a W30!!
Ah, please accept my apologies, Chris, about judging those who don't keep a full tank. It was in jest, I hope you know. Actually, I almost did the same thing recently though I would have put down a substantial wager there was at least a half tank of diesel left. It was good Jackie and Bob were there to lend a hand and we can enjoy ribbing you about it. I wish you all the best on getting everything done!!!!