If you don't like the idea of essentially destroying the Alameda Marina land operations, this is your penultimate chance to speak up. Crunch Time is tomorrow, the 29th. Have you groused about it but not done anything?. Here's your next-to-last chance to speak up. What the planning board recommends to the City Council will almost certainly be approved. The City Council meeting will be the LAST chance, but by then it's a done-deal. It's been over a two-year process. If you have an opinion, but just haven't had time to do anything, NOW is the time to do SOMETHING.



Call to action- by Tuesday May 29th Alameda Planning Board Decision on
Alameda Marina

Greetings from Save Alameda’s Working Waterfront (SAWW) the original
citizen’s volunteer group founded in Nov 2015 in response to Bay West
announced plans for Alameda Marina. We are low budget, low tech but
energetic and passionately involved www.sawwaction.org and could use
your support at this critical time by attending the May 29th Planning
Board decision meeting and sending in email to oppose the proposal.
Details follow.

Bay West has a major campaign asking people to email City of Alameda
Government in favor of their Master Plan before this May 29th Planning
Board meeting to decide on their proposed plan. Don’t be confused with
their new slogan that includes “working”.

We are asking you to do the same and provide for your convenience a
template form letter below to oppose the most recent proposal.

Please send email before May 29th Planning Board Meeting on the
Alameda Marina proposal. Attend if possible and sign up to speak (or
signup to cede time to SAWW).

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