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Thread: Charging batteries?

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    Default Charging batteries?

    HI, I just replaced the main battery in my boat, maybe I won't need to bring that jump starter any more.... The question came up if it is allowed to use the engine without putting it in gear to charge the batteries in SSS and other races? I would assume yes in the transpac and longpac, no in the bay races, how about coastal? Thank you! Jan

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    The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) say the engine must be off by 5 minutes before your start. The best practice is to turn the engine off, and put it in gear in reverse, to keep the prop from spinning and creating drag.

    For ocean races, the engine may be used to charge batteries. You are on your honor not to put it in gear. In past times, the transmission would be wired and sealed to not allow it to be put in gear for the duration of the race. We don't do that anymore, thankfully.

    If you do have to use your engine at any time for propulsion during a race, you are obliged to retire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hijan1 View Post
    ... how about coastal? Thank you! Jan
    hahaha! The way you sail? You would never need no stinkin' engine

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    In nearly all races (no matter in what body of water) you can't use engine propulsion while racing, and you're racing from your prep signal (normally 4 minutes pre start) until you finish or retire.

    However, RRS 42.3(i) gives the race committee the option to write the SIs so as to allow engine propulsion as long as it's not used to gain an advantage. SSS uses this loophole in the Three Bridge Fiasco because there's only one prep signal, 5 minutes before the very first start. It would be unreasonable to prohibit a boat starting at 11:00 from using its engine after 8:25!
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