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Thread: Wrap-Up seminar?

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    It's not just the SSS that is affected by this. I'd love to do the Wednesday night beer cans out of Coyote Point during the summer, but they push off the dock at 5:30, start is at 6:00. Highway 101 is a parking lot, and even worse is the surface streets traffic from Stanford to 101 at that time. So as much as I'd love to have some kickback racing on Wednesday nights, it's never happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogen View Post
    I no longer have any meetings I absolutely have go to, but it has become clear to me at least that having mid-week evening meetings has become untenable for many of us. The Club may want to consider having these on weekend nights instead.
    I really had planned to attend the meeting convincing myself I could get away at 3 pm, as is my habit. Too many biz tasks dragged to 6 pm. At that point the trip up would get me there between 8 and 830, one begins to wonder why ?

    I would suggest four alternatives:

    1. Hold half the meetings in the West Bay, say at the Redwood City YC (Sequoia YC). (my house is also available in Los Gatos).
    2. Start the meetings at 8 pm. This would still require sitting in traffic.
    3. David's suggestion, Saturday or Sunday evenings after racing, could work as well. 7 00 pm start times ?
    4. The club invest in one of the new meeting video capture systems, and a Skype account. These track the speaker around the room with a video camera and have directional microphones. It all sits on a tripod. Then insist that comments/questions be spoken into a mic. All presentations have slides that can be sent over a network. We then project all meetings using Skype or some other similar service.

    Like David (AKA Pogen) and Alan the meetings are really a tough drive. For the Drakes Bay Skippers meeting I got to 237 and 880. An accident had blocked the road as traffic halted, and the freeway shut down. My road rage kicked in and I backed off the freeway and headed south.


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