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Thread: Putting Transpac boats back together again

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    Default Putting Transpac boats back together again

    Tom Boussie mentioned how time consuming it was to disassemble JouJou in Nawiliwili in order to prepare her for the container ship passage. In order to remove the mast, all electrical components up there had to be detached. And then there was everything else!

    What an ordeal! I never thought of that before. When JouJou arrives here all that must be re-done. Another ordeal! Tom talked about the positive and helpful interaction between Transpackers during that experience in Nawiliwili, which made me wonder whether there is the possibility of replicating it on this side of the Pacific so that: 1/ sailors can more effectively get sailing again ; and 2/ people might be able to share the labor and expertise instead of depending solely upon themselves or expensive marine yards. Knowing our singlehanders, they would try to do it all on their own. But must they?

    There is a lot of expertise in this Club and people could listen to stories all at the same time. A hands-on Return Seminar, if you will.
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    And then there are the boats that spent another 3 weeks at sea, broke more stuff, and also need to be put back together again

    I think a Return Seminar would be a very nice thing. Maybe we could do it on a night when traffic is not so bad so more people can come hear the stories (good, bad, and ugly). One suggestion from a friend of mine is for SSS to recommend that future racers set up a blog so one of their contacts becomes the designated "messenger." This is because so many people are always asking, "have your heard anything from so-and-so?" Maybe someone in SSS can publish guidelines for doing this....

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