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Thread: Jacqueline post SHTP sale

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    Default Jacqueline post SHTP sale

    Iridium Go with approx 20 foot LMR 400 ant cable, external antenna and rail mount. The external antenna is missing a base part but I've rigged to operate just fine and has worked beutifully for 8000 ocean miles. 4 unused sim cards go with the system so reactivation is simplified.

    Inreach explorer

    Gordie Nash built carbon fiber e-rud strut assembly, cassette and blade + steering rigging, blocks, etc.. Excellent set up which could be tweaked to mount on varying transom angles.

    I also have a Sea Safe valise life raft purchased new in 2016 just before SHTP. It will go out of cert in May 0f 2019. I am checking on cost for re cert and will make buyer a good deal based on overall cost. Update 08/13 - got a quote of $800 from the service shop Avalon Raft Svc. in Wilmington, Ca. I would sell the raft for $800 and assist with the logistics for the recert. Net to buyer would be $1600 (if recert was more expensive I will take the hit so net to buyer does not change). In theory we could recert now and it would be good for the 19 Longpac and 20 SHTP. Or buyer could wait and get a bit more mileage out of a recert in early 2019.

    Please PM to express interest and asking prices.

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