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    Default Drakes Bay Starting Times

    So I printed the SSS "fleet assignments" which are a big confusing since we used to list starting times and even more so with a list of Starts as: Multi-1-2-3. It made a whole lot more sense when I downloaded the OYRA list that has both fleets combined.... if we are combining the Sailing Instruction maybe next time we both use the same starting sheets as well.

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    These were two long, but fun days, I am sure for everybody. And I appreciate the dedication of the race committee! Communication was great throughout, and they seemed very much on top of things. Thank you!

    I found the start a breeze, at least for Drake's Bay I. Well run, and with the revised fleet assignments very clear. DB II was, well, slooow.

    The finishing time for DB Race I was "tight", not only for my (slow) boat. I knew that in advance, last year we finished DB I 22:30, but this year we retired 5 miles (plus two tacks) before the finish line when it was absolutely clear that we would not make it. This was a bit frustrating. The effect of the earlier end time was made worse by having the slow and SH boats start last. I understand that it is a strain on the race committee and everybody else to sail until midnight, and then anchor (And of course my anchor would not hold on the first attempt, so I had to relocate and do it again). But a lot of boats did not make it this year, with sailors as experienced as it gets. So I would suggest to consider starting earlier, starting slow boats first, and/or go back to the midnight finish time.



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    In light of recent posts, note the last-listed crew member aboard Eclipse.

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    Drakes Bay was fun both ways, even if we bailed Saturday. OYRA results were posted quickly. SSS results?

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    It was nice to hear Kristen and DaveH on the VHF. And it was cold.

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