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Thread: Catalina Cruise Down

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    Default Catalina Cruise Down

    There was a little talk in one of the post-SHTP threads of the idea that the SSS might stage a cruise to Santa Catalina Island for a rendezvous some time. Having just sailed Morning Star down the coast, I can highly recommend this idea. For anyone needing a qualifying cruise, it would be ideal. The conditions I had, at least, would have been excellent preparation for the race deep down wind sailing in high wind and big seas. And those with trailer boats could launch from, say, Marina Del Rey, have a nice beam reach day sail, and join the fun. Id be happy to help with lining up facilities, etc., if SSS officialdom wants to give this a try.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dura Mater and I will do that as part of a flotilla, no matter how small. SSS officialdom need not be a part of it. Lee, you know how this club works: organize it and they will come.


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