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Thread: My last Highland Games as a competitor

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    That trailer could be a good investment. If the deal doesn't happen you can re-sell it.

    Perhaps you could rent a (BIG) floor-standing engine crane to do the transfer. Not having to buy the steel, welding, etc. would pay for the rental. If the seller "gets" to keep his wonderful trailer he might lower the price on the boat a bit more. (This from one Scot to another )

    Seems like a lot of this is the seller's problem but that's just me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanH View Post
    aside from the fact that nobody here knows what the heck the piston arrangement is, that's right behind the towing receiver.
    Wonder if it was part of a braking system at one time?

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    His wife finally sent DMV paperwork. Not that they actually have title, themselves yet, but she sent some forms. It took her six weeks from our last e-mail for her to get around to it. This is THREE MONTHS after I sent my deposit to them. He put the boat up for sale without having a pink slip or title to it, but didn't say "Bill of Sale, only" on the Craigslist ad. That was in the beginning of the summer. It's now 2/3rds of the way through October and they STILL don't have title. Hell, it took them five months-plus to just get the DMV Bill of Sale forms.

    On the paperwork, it says he's selling me the boat for $600 and the trailer for $1. Anyway, I've given them a deadline of Dec. 1st to get all this finished up...title in my name, the whole thing. I seriously doubt it's going to happen.

    Intermission, yes, that's exactly what it is. It's n older version of one of these:

    S-2 7.9: "Wildcat of Loch Awe"
    1968 Selmer Series 9 B-flat and A clarinets
    1962Buesher "Aristocrat" tenor saxophone
    Piper One Design 24, Hull #35; "Alpha"

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