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Thread: Don't laugh - and I mean it!

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    Okay, I'm going to start calling you "Dood!"

    OCSC is quite regimented about their docking route and procedures. I suppose that's a good thing but it tempts one to mess with them a bit, especially when sailing into the Berkeley Marina in a J/80 with "J World Sailing School" logos on the mains'l. And this is all I can post about that.

    I went in there under spinnaker once or twice too. You wanted to be sure the spinny halyard was clear to run because at some point you were "all in."
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    I know I have done a "few" dumb things when every time someone posts the stupid thing they did I can quickly come up with a corresponding stupid thing I did. With regard to Berkeley Marina, the first time I went up there I went aground in the mud in the North entrance. The first time!!! Note to self... go South old man.

    Anyway, given, ahem, my extensive experience with keels in mud (in particular, my keel and delta mud) I have become somewhat expert in extracting myself singlehandedly. While most would be sending out a panicky call to towing services, I got myself off within ten minutes. That is what one calls snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

    I did this in front of the dinner crowd at the Berkeley Yacht Club. I'm sure they were impressed with my resilience and resourcefulness. They probably also thought "well, he's an idiot, but not bad at getting out of mud."

    One of these days I'll tell you how I wound up with my dingy upside down, me in the water with one of my hands on a loose outboard engine and the other on the outboard mount of my Beneteau 235 with a complete French film crew and cast (who were, coincidentally, filming a Pirate movie and in full pirate regalia) watching events unfold from their beach location about 150 feet away. When I got myself and the outboard aboard the sailboat I received a standing ovation from the film people. This is a true story from my early days of singlehanding.

    I am not sure how we do it, but us sailors seem to find an audience when we least desire it.
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