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    Steve Buckingham is sharing the build of his new boat, which is very interesting and fun to watch. In a later thread I share photos of a boat that is currently on the hard at the Berkeley Marine Center. Usually I go there to paint Dura Mater’s bottom, but I just did that last year using exceptionally expensive (but longer lasting) paint that Bob Johnston recommended. I won’t need to take DM to Berkeley for awhile. So why did I happen to mosey on over there today?

    Every other year, like clockwork, I visit Cree Partridge, co-owner with his wife, Julie, of the Berkeley Marine Center. In the months before the Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race I go over to ask him whether he would like me to make him a batch of his favorite cookies. Oatmeal raisin, made from scratch (as they say in the baking biz).

    I drive over during lunch time, when everybody is sitting around a big table together in the back room. When he sees me Cree smiles. He knows what’s coming.

    “Hi, Cree!”

    “Hi, Jackie!”

    We smile at each other. We know what’s coming.

    “You know that this is another Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race year.”

    “Yes, I do,” Cree answers.

    “How would you like a delicious batch of your favorite cookies?” I ask.

    This is when Kurt the mechanic always starts in about about his own favorite: chocolate chip cookies, but Cree shushes him. Besides, since I now have an Engine by Dave I no longer need to make cookies for Kurt.

    “How much will those cookies cost me this year?” Cree asks.

    “Same as last year. $500. And I’ll show you how to find the sponsorship page on the SSS site, same as last year.”

    Cree waves me off. “There’s no need. I’ve figured out how to do that myself." Cree now has a brand new computer with wide screen monitor. "And of course! I love supporting the Singlehanded Sailing Society.”

    Every year he says this, and every year he sends a check. I love this guy. And I wanted you all to know that he does this for us. Year after year after year.

    Today I delivered, as promised. Here is Cree enjoying his expensive cookies.
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    I had a few of these the other night at the Freedom owner's rendezvous. I can confirm without reservation, that is one fine cookie!

    Cree got a bargain.

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    Just look at that basket! Cree did get a bargain. I brought a few of those special Jackie cookies from the Freedom Rendezvous to Florida but they didn't make it past the Houston airport. Jackie's lemon cake (which Dave the Engine and Dave the Tiller savior is the lucky recipient of) has got to be the most divine creation ever.

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