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Thread: Randall, oh Randall!

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    Default Randall, oh Randall!

    Let’s not forget Randall Reeves on Christmas:

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    It has been interesting, if a little confusing, to follow Randal Reeves over the last few days. The posts have not been coming in in sequence.

    The most recent report, of the events of May 26, is not at the top of his blog. The top post as of this evening is from May 25, when he was riding out a nasty North Atlantic low, lying to the Jordan Series Drogue. Hoping to protect the Monitor wind vane, he switched to autopilot, removed the vane’s air paddle and raised the water paddle to the “not in service” position. Waves breaking over Moli’s stern, however, tossed the JSD bridle over the water paddle, which was then ripped away when the JSD went taught again, bending the Monitor's frame and partially stripping the pendulum’s pinion gears. Dealing with the aftermath of that event – trying to removed damaged parts before the seas and bridle for the JSD did further damage – was an ordeal. “This entire exercise is like trying to do dental work while riding a mechanical bull.” That sounds about right.

    The posted-earlier, more recent report from May 26 suggests he survived OK. But he is now reliant on autopilot for self-steering, and it is unclear if the Monitor can be repaired at sea. This could be an issue, given the intermittent problems he has been having with his charging systems. Fortunately, he is not that far (relatively speaking) from his planned stop in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

    Good stuff, RR. Hats off to you.
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