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Thread: Doublehanded Farallones 2019

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    Default Doublehanded Farallones 2019

    A lot of SSS sailors participated in this race. How did it go for you all?

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    Well, on Saetta, we got over early. In fact 4 of the 5 J/120s did. Skipper was busy locking the prop, and the next thing we knew we were a few feet away from the line. It took us a while to recover since it was blowing about 3 kts straight over the starting line and we had the code zero up. After a couple tacks it felt we hadn't moved.
    Anyway moving forward we probably hiked a little too far North as we were able to ease the sheets when approaching the islands. On the way to the islands we had about 10-13 kts if I recall correctly. After rounding the island we started preparing the A2, then put it up. It was a bit of excitment. We lost the kite once, twice, thrice, then decided to drop after the kite wrapped around the stay. Interestingly the kite was socked. I couldn't pull the sock all the way down as the whole thing was wrapped tightly on the headstay so we let halyard go and somehow had half of it in the sock, half in the hatch and the other half on deck. We still couldn't get whole thing of the stay because the sock's lines were somehow twisted with the kite. So we had to work them out then take the kite of the stay. And finally 1/2 of the #1. Somehow the wind instruments showed wind betwen 20-25 kts with one gust at 30 kts. I suspect some instrument errors. We were doing 11-13 kts under kite and 8.5-10 under main, 1/2 #1.
    We got passed by Twist right over the line, made for a sad moment on the boat ...
    But it was a good day, skipper was great to be around, a J 120 is a good boat. I was pretty beat up since I've not done much sailing lately.
    Rinse repeat ...
    Solo RTW

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    Synthia and I had a great shakedown sail on Hedgehog.

    Really great day once we drifted past lands end on the ebb.
    My instruments and my eyes had the breeze a little higher than PJ's 10-13, but not by a lot; maybe saw 17 near the islands.
    It felt like things built a bit on the way back in, but not a lot.

    We figured we'd set after rounding... which turned into a bit of added adventure.
    Syn set the pole and kite up on deck, then we switched drivers so I could put in the way point for the finish.
    while I was below I hear "aaaack - the kite got loose, the kites loose!!!! accck" (or saltier words to that effect).
    I popped up and saw the kite mostly floating atop the water in the lee of the jib!
    With no other realistic options I yanked the halyard up and Synthia reeled in the guy... disaster averted, we found ourselves 2 sail reaching with the Kite and #2!
    We managed to keep the boat on its feet with a lot of active vang and occasional sheet ease; smoking along at 12-15 knots, but we couldn't really hold the angle, and were heading for somewhere between Pacifica and Montara before long, particularly when we would bear away on a surf...dropping the 2 didn't help much.
    So, back up with the #2, dropped the kite and reached to the gate, at which point we set again and gybed nearly immediately for the line.

    We probably lost a few boats by heading straight back to the gate over the south bar... waves were not particularly alarming, but it felt slow and that we were going up and down as much as forward.
    I know at least 2 boats got us by going farther south and beating back from the vicinity of Seal Rocks. They both owed us time, so it might have been a boat speed thing as much as a course thing. Maybe...

    I have a small list of fix it notes, most notable is to make the fore hatch watertight...
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    great day!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    Synthia and I had a great shakedown sail on Hedgehog. DH
    Love those photos! Love those "aacckkk" eating grins.

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    More great shots in here - including some people you know:

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