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Thread: New Member Introduction & Sailing in the Olympics

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    Default New Member Introduction & Sailing in the Olympics

    Hi everybody,
    I'm a new member and wanted to make introductions, as well as ask a few questions. I have been sailing in the SF Bay since I was 8, starting with the Richmond Yacht Club Junior Program, Cal Adventures, Cal Sailing Club, SF30 Fleet, Beercan Races, and now I'm a Club Nautique member working my way though Offshore Passage Maker. As you will inevitably deduced, I really like sailing, talking about sailing, writing about sailing, and just generally thinking about sailing. I aspire to one day sell my stock, buy a boat, and sail the world; but in the meantime, before my stock is worth early retirement money (if ever), I'd like to spend my time sailing, writing about sailing, photographing/drone-videoing sail boats, and maybe doing a YouTube channel about it in order to attract more people to our beloved sport.

    Poll: Who would watch a YouTube channel about shorthanded sail racing in and around the SF Bay, specifically how to race/sail faster? Does anyone want to help?

    Moving on to the Olympics - There's going to be a 30 foot double handed offshore sailing event in the 2024 Olympics! I hear that the L30 "won" the competition to be the Olympic class boat, but there's still some debate on that subject. I personally think the Dehler 30 OD would make a better Olympic class boat because it has more form stability, has much better manufacturer support, and looks better (very important). Regardless of which boat ultimately gets the nod, there seems to be (in my mind at least) an opportunity to build up a training pipeline here on the Left Coast. Link to Dehler 30 OD webpage

    Poll: Who wants to be involved in building the next Olympic athlete training program? What about building a One Design class around the next Olympic class boat?


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    All of that sounds interesting enough to me.

    The US doesn't really have a pipeline for the offshore Olympic medal, so it'll be interesting to see what evolves. I suspect the big names, or at least the well-funded ones, will go to France to train. But wouldn't it be nice to have a little taste of it here?

    From clicking around the links, I find the D30 to be much more interesting than the L30. Would sure be curious to see one on the water and get some momentum going. Perhaps the manufacturer wants to jump-start a class and reap the PR rewards by making us a deal? :-)

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