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Thread: R2ak 2019

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    Very well done! Congratulations on your very well managed campaign.
    Where is ENVOLEE? It looks like she’s cruising south? What’s the plan, and what’s next?


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    It was a team effort really - the Millennials put a lot of effort in the design and making of the drive and Millennial Two (Neil) spent a lot of time preparing the race as our navigator and it showed.

    They are now rewarding themselves with a cruise in the Pacific Northwest and will then sail the boat South. Our nightmare experience with shipping companies had us change our plans...

    We plan on doing the Transpac in 2021 - for next year, our main trimmer suggested the Puerto Vallarta race which might allow me to do some single-handed offshore races with PSSA as well and we would love to do the California Offshore week as prep for Transpac (or perhaps short handed for fun...)

    I miss single-handing though - I think that the Figaro will be great for SHTP so that's in the cards, with probably a Long Pac as qualifier. And I would love to pit Envolée against a Figaro 3 in a race to Japan perhaps double-handed. Or any other crazy idea or adventures you can think of...

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