The continuing saga of Team Soggykru, the 24' Malcom Tennant Streaker skippered by singlehander Shawn Dunand. Yes, I have a video of him sleeping on his boat in Port Townsend days ago, and then being interviewed when I woke him up: "Hey! You! Wake up!" You'll love it, he's so laid back. But my editing software is back in Oakland, so you'll have to wait.

In the meantime, Shawn is mildly stressed today.

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Somehow on the ride up here to Victoria Shawn Dumand's catamaran got bashed and he arrived with a damaged ama. So he spent most of yesterday stuffing huge rubber bladders under the entire starboard length of his boat. Then he and a friend inflated the bladders with air and up the side of the boat came. Then down again when the bladders either popped out or became punctured. Over and over again.

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Russell Brown paddled over in one of his nesting dinghies and assisted for awhile until it was time to go to the skippers' meeting. It was one of those classic boat experiences, the kind where people put their heads together and attempt to problem solve. Shawn needed to get the ama off the water long enough to dry it out so he can patch the fiberglass.

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Today is a new day, and it is clear that Shawn, who is based in B.C. , has called upon friends. And the cavalry has arrived. I can see people swarming around his boat from here. A singlehander needs friends and it is clear that Shawn has 'em in spades.