Well, THAT was exciting. Here are the boats tucked away in the harbor, all crew up at the top of the gangplank waiting for the start bell to ring.

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There is sunshine, spectator boats in the water waiting, and someone playing a bagpipe for additional Canadian glamour.

I saw Jake the Genius just before the start and complimented him for another job well done. He was typically modest and said we all have to wait til September to see what the decision will be regarding The Race.

Here is Nathalie an hour before the start, ebullient as always, at the bow and ready to ride

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Shawn and his shore crew, Leah and his father, on his catamaran, no longer listing to one side nor sinking. As the promoters noted, there was some carnage

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Shad in the hatch of Dark Horse, aka Team High Seas Drifter.

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Two of his crew, Steve Hocking and daughter Amber

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