I purchased from the NKE rep Bob Congdon, a complete new NKE system for a 36 ft loa, by 25 ft beam Trimaran, which I was putting together for the 2016 SHTP. The system cost over $15,000 as I recall. All the parts are there in the original boxes, complete with detailed installation instructions. Price is a firm $12,000. If you want to put it on your visa, add 3.5 percent. The ram was over-sized and would easily handle a class 40 or larger boat. The only part that might be superfluous on a monohull is the rotating mast sensor. As some of you may recall I flipped the boat and sank it in 15 feet of water on a test sail. Fortunately, the NKE had not been installed yet. We raised the boat, and planned to proceed with the SHTP effort, when a couple of months later my wife contracted an incurable disease. We are still fighting that battle. Email me if you would like to purchase the NKE and/or have questions The email is jimb522@yahoo.com.
jim bates