I got pounded by a $600 traffic ticket a couple of months ago and a mess of accessory charges like filing fees that emptied about $700+ out of the boat fund. I had to put off the Wildcats haulout. **sighing*.

Thus, the begging!

I'm trying to get the Piper in the water. I need two or three halyards, sheets and a shroud. The starboard upper is stranded. So if you have some older, smaller diameter halyards from your Santana 22, Ranger 23 or boat like that, that you're not going to use again I would love them. Sun-bleached and dirty is fine, I'll soak them and clean them up.

If you have some 3/16ths rigging wire...about 22-23 feet of it, with or without end fittings that you don't need, I'll happily put them to use. PM me...