Hello All,

Tentative dates for the race are a start date on or near July 3. I am making arrangements for the "Yellow" beach house once again and need to secure a reservation now.

The house will be open for business starting July 10th, late in the day through the 25th. We can tweak the start date / time a bit as needed. Likely the start would be on Friday, July 3 to avoid a weekend conflict at the Corinthian YC.

Volunteers for event are welcome to comment here or contact me directly. Our past team has been great but I fear some may want a break from the work load.

Areas where help is needed:

Pre race event planning. Hawaii and Calif.
Inspection coordinator.
Communications coordinator (tracker setup and assignment).
USCG interface. Publish float plan and gain permit from USCG.
Day of race PRO and start team.
Weather services coordinator.
Finish line management - two people.
Crash boat coordinator / driver
Finish line set up.
Hawaii ship to shore communications organization.
Press liaison and web page coordination.