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Thread: More Boaty/TransPac stuff for sale

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    Default More Boaty/TransPac stuff for sale

    1 Tohatsu 6 hp outboard motor. Runs nicely. Internal tank.... $400

    Emergency rudder system for SC27, 2008 SHTP:

    foam foil blade, three layers of heavy knytex, two layers unidirectional carbon in epoxy. 11 inch chord, about 5 1/2 feet long. Not super smooth, but bombproof and not too heavy.

    Cassette: two layers doorskins sandwiching one layer heavy mat, in epoxy. Top and bottom reinforced with extra layers of doorskins and mat. Two layers 6 ounce cloth in epoxy and unidirection carbon fiber lock the halves together. Custom s.s. pintles. Schaefer gudgeons.... System would work well for 25-30 footer, or maybe a bit larger if not a heavy displacement boat. Perfect for SC27, Express 27, Hawkfarm or similar sized boat... $400

    PM me or e-mail alanhsails at that "yahoo doht calm" place.

    Will wait three weeks on the outboard, then it goes to Craigslist.

    Outboard motor is sold. Atuohelm 1000 is sold. Still have flares from 2008 SHTP, good through the 2010 SHTP, and emergency rudder system.
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