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    Quote Originally Posted by seawisdom View Post
    Thanks Alan! Also thanks for tasting my bilge water and helping me debug the system.
    Will knows that he needs to get right down on his hands and knees. What percentage of their time do singlehanders spend peering down at their bilges? Does Sea Wisdom's bilge hold pinot noir or a chardonney?

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    Here is Michael Chammout, FINALLY wearing his well deserved Long Pac jacket, which went through seven people in its journey to him. Thank you, Michael, for driving me around the course for video taking.

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    Randy Leasure came by and took some terrific photos which are posted elsewhere on this forum and probably lots of other places, too. He also distributed bags full of donut holes. Cruelly left a whole bag on Dura Mater.

    Here are Bob and David pre deployment

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    and Lori on Hang Ten, with George Lythcott's emergency rudder, post deployment

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    Five boats participated in the Second Biennial SSS E Rudder Race: Chris Case on FUGU, the only singlehander out there, Bob Johnston on Surprise! with Alan Hebert as crew, Will Lee on Sea Wisdom with David Herrigel aboard, Lori Tewksbury with Eric the Bowman Extraordinaire (he described himself to me during a party at RYC a year ago) on Lori's Express 27 Hang Ten and Kirk Dennebeim on Mirthmaker, with crew Greg Nelsen and Steve Buckingham.

    Was it a race? Oh, yes! Video to follow, all boats looked beautiful. Who won the awards? Well, Mirthmaker got the barndoor award. Surprise! the Kraken award, Hang Ten the shortest waterline award, FUGU the solo deployment and Sea Wisdom the simplest mechanism. Thank you to Mr Hedgehog for the naming of the awards and the always gracious distribution of them. You've heard the phrase: "There's only one way to get one of these".

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    Lori's Express 27 is Hang 20, perhaps the perfect name for a fast (and wet) double-handed Pac Cup entry.

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