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    Yes, this is very useful information, especially since it appeared to work very well. I have a new to me boat and have been shopping for a VHF. I put a masthead antenna and coax in when I had the mast out. I have become accustomed to running a boat with a full complement of electronics including Class B AIS. Its fun, but do I really need anything more than a basic VHF at this point for how I plan to use this boat?

    I decided to spend the added $ to buy a Standard Horizon GX2400 (newest model with internal GPS and AIS receive only). I was partly influenced by DHs comment, I also have the mic display from the radio in the cockpit, which is more convenient in practice. The new GX2400 has the option of a wireless remote mic. Im not sure Ill go there, but its an attractive option. No connectors to break 😊.
    Tom P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanikai View Post
    I assume the GX2150's AIS receiver provides a backup receiver in the event your SI-TEX+Zeus setup fails, but are there other advantages? Just debating if I should go with a non-AIS VHF and put those bucks toward other gear. Also wondering if there's any noise from the SI-TEX to the GX2150, but presumably not since it sounds like the setup works well.
    I'd recommend starting and sticking with an AIS equipped VHF (pick your make/model).
    The rest of my system is about wanting to be seen (the transceiver), and the convenience of having the targets on the graphic display of the chart-plotter.
    As Tom notes, in practice I use the radio display on the RAM mic and its function buttons (to drill down target info) more frequently than the chart plotter version.
    The "other advantages" boil down to having all your radio functions in hand, as opposed to translating from the display.


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