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Thread: Help researching Diane Beeston, photographer

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    Default Help researching Diane Beeston, photographer

    I am seeking help researching Diane Beeston and others from people who may guide me.

    I have begun preproduction on a large, encompassing and most likely international documentary on our age of sailing. As a guy who loves sailing, the design, culture and boat history and as a professional film maker - I am on to something that could be quite special. This compelling film project is as important to me as my much loved boat. I finally have begun to line up the pieces and make a beautiful film which will link our understanding, passion and friendship over the decades. I recognize my film needs wonder contextual photos and other materials which will drive the history. It leads me to getting more information and understanding on Diane Beeston and finding out where her photography collection is. She is/was a wonderful photographer and captured many of the most treasured images of the golden age of recreational sailing.

    Any help or thoughts is much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Ted Hoppe (Lively Lady, Mull 30-1)
    Alameda, CA
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