I'm proud and protective of our singlehanded race to Hanalei but here's my take, as shared with another SSS'er earlier today (with minor edits):

"As you know, I agree about the singlehanded emphasis. Note that the 2018 Shaka Challenge was also open to doublehanders but all six entries were singlehanders. I suspect PSSA feels the same way we do (their newsletter is called the "Solo" after all), but they are doing everything they can to get enough entries to put the thing on.

Here are my two concerns (numbered for your convenience

1) Brian supports helping them and we don't want to piss off Brian - we need him to run the race.

2) We know some of the PSSA folks - they DID come up and start at the Corinthian YC and race singlehanded to Hanalei with us. I'd hate to see any animosity develop between the two groups. That's why I'm sensitive to what's being posted about this on our forum - which they read. (Edited) The better thing is to get together and chat about our concerns."

At this point, I say "the more, the merrier." I think sponsored pros are a bigger threat to the SHTP than a couple of double-handed entries from SoCal (if there even are any).