For some reason, I was alerted to this academic paper. It should be of interest to you fellow nautical history buffs. It is so funny I'm attracting attention at work by laughing so loudly.

Radical History Review, Jan 2015, pp. 106-122

“Nothing but Noyse”

The Political Complexities of English Maritime and Colonial Soundscapes

Johan Heinsen

...In the study of colonial pasts, aural metaphors such as noise, dissonance, and silence
are often employed by historians and theorists to signify or deconstruct the discourses of
difference between colonizer and colonized. YAR MATEY

Within this line of thought, historians have perceived the ship—
an essential agent of both capitalism and colonialism—as a type of factory, built upon the
exploitation of labor, which in turn produced hitherto overlooked solidarities and traditions
of resistance. SCURVY DOGS

Pirates and naval officers were two distinctly different (even opposed) social groups... AND YE MAY LAY TO THAT

The noise of the sailors was both to be discarded as inherently nonsensical and to be fought vehemently as deeply dangerous. AND THEM AS DIES'LL BE THE LUCKY ONES.

My God. Here's the whole thing: