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Thread: Wanted: buy / beg / borrow a trailer

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    Here is another one.
    Not too far from me.
    I could check it out if needed.

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    That one's bigger, but sure has a lot of rust for three grand. If you happen to be nearby, I'm curious...but don't go too far out of your way. My main concern is the keel bunk being above the axels--fine for shallower boats but a real problem for deep ones like mine.
    For the crowd: the permit process is no big heartache. I called a pro recommended to me and within minutes she had the answers I needed. Most states won't require anything crazy for a load under 12' wide and 14' tall, and permits are about $70ish a state. Total cost for a service to route me, name all restrictions, and get my permits from Texas to CA is ~$300. Travel is easiest on weekdays and generally requires daylight hours for a boat of my size.

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    The fence post bolted on to the back doesn't inspire confidence...

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