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Thread: stuff for loan - 2020 SHTP

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    Default stuff for loan - 2020 SHTP

    I posted this in the sale/loan section too.

    i have a few loaner items for the race

    waterproof plastic can containing all required (and unexpired) pyros. assuming no rule changes from 18.

    4 each 3 gal waterbricks for emergency water.

    multiple 5 gal diesel jugs which Do Not Leak but should be cleaned - i have tools and process for cleaning.

    SSB receiver - remembered I had one in storage during the power/comm seminar last night.

    Emergency 12 VDC Li battery - 18 amp hours. weighs about 16 oz. Can be used for emergency engine start as well as usb charging, etc.

    let me know if you need something else, maybe i have it. However I have no raft and no e-rud both were sold after the 18 race.
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