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Thread: Winter Kayaking around CA

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    Default Winter Kayaking around CA

    In an effort to pursue hobbies that cheer me up during the short winter days and get me into better physical condition for whitewater in the spring and sailing in the summer, I purchased a couple new Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks, The old West Marine inflatable had reached end of life after leaking a little too much. If anyone is interested, I've started a new blog to document my kayaking activities: or @calkayak2020 on Twitter.

    If anyone knows some great spots for kayaking: bay, delta, lakes, rivers, let me know.

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    I've thought for years, after seeing Chris Humann paddling around Hanalei Bay in his inflatable canoe....that a good quality inflatable kayak was a really good option for a smal0boat singlehander, as a "dinghy".
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    Kayaking places are abundant. From the looks of the photo, that could have been Moss Landing. The coastal estuaries are fun from Tomales Bay to Morro Bay. The inland lakes and reservoirs are a good alternative, if watercraft access is allowed and power boats are minimized. Shoreline hopping around the SF Bay has continual attractions that you will miss from a sailboats since you can't poke around the shallows. And, then there are the rivers that flow I to the bay.....

    The options are abundant.


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    A career of desk-sitting has caused me to be careful with my lower back. It's fine as long as I don't do anything stupid, but paddling a kayak has never been comfortable.

    Nonetheless this interests me for the same reasons Matt mentions. How comfortable is this kayak to paddle, vs. the typical sit-on ("Ocean Kayak") type?
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