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Thread: San Francisco Maritime Museum small boat warehouse

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    Default San Francisco Maritime Museum small boat warehouse

    I had a unique opportunity to visit the super-secret, not-open-to-the-public small boat collections warehouse yesterday. I took a mess of photos, which I'm setting up for my friends on the wooden boat forum. If you like old wood boats, especially local ones, you might enjoy this. They have a small, but growing collection of SF Bay One Designs. Currently they have a Bear Boat, a Golden Gate, a Teak Lady (only 9 ever made, in China) and a Mercury there in the warehouse.

    Actually, I think the Bear is at Hyde Street...

    Here's the thread at the WBF.
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    That is a wonderful visit and pictures and post. After the wait to get registered on the forum, all was well.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Sure would like to have more storage so my collection could grow.


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