Yesterday Dura Mater and I sailed over to the Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) to discuss the 2020 SHTP with those generous people. We are, once again, invited to start the race in Raccoon Strait, and our race committee is invited to use the CYC's race deck. We'll use this thread to post information about the pre Race activities that will occur there.

Thank you to Michael Chammout s/v Mulan for facilitating the meeting yesterday. He and I met with John Nicolai, the club manager and Zoe Wong, Director of Catering and Events. Sounds swell, huh? And it was. Everything at Corinthian YC is swell.

Jim Erskine s/v Kira, a longtime SSSer, meandered over to the meeting, and he greased some wheels for us as we talked.

More on this later.

After our meeting Michael and I jumped on our boats and went out sailing.

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yes, it was cold, but it was a glorious day on the cityfront

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