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Thread: Thread for discussion of the SSS - doublehanded / singlehanded question

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    This is Tom Boussie. I am SSS Race Chair for the 2020 season and the Corinthian race was my first experience running a big fleet race. I wanted to first thank everyone who volunteered on the race deck: Greg, Kristen, Don, Joe, as well as Jim Vickers who did all of the work setting up the race. It is a madhouse starting and finishing 130 boats and we definitely needed all hands on deck!

    I have been following the discussion on the forum regarding ideas to mitigate SH/DH conflicts at the start and on the course as our fleets grow and, in particular, the number of DH boats increases. These include (among others): 10 min starts, separate SH/DH courses, separate SH/DH race days, eliminating SSS races as season-counters for one design fleets, and better educational outreach to the DH sailing community. As the Round The Rocks race has historically attracted nearly as many entrants as the Corinthian, I think that we need to consider these options as soon as possible.

    In addition to opening up the Corinthian awards meeting to this discussion, I would like to form a small working committee of experienced SSS skippers to formulate specific options for consideration by the SSS Board and myself. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please PM me on this forum or contact me via email at tboussie at gmail dot com.

    On a side note, I personally think this is more about density of dissimilar boats rather than strictly SH/DH conflicts. There were several protests and two collisions in this race, with equal fault on SH and DH sides. I am confident that we can make adjustments to our racing format to increase the safety and enjoyment of our races, while at the same time making our series welcome to the widest possible audience (with particular emphasis on our foundational SH community). I welcome everyone’s help in making this happen.

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    I must add my experience at Blossom of blatant disregard for a singlehander by a doublehander. When I called for room the response was a yell laden with fear, maybe due to the fact that they were still getting the spin down at a crowded mark, “you better make this clean Palapa!”, I called for room again as I had not received any yet and informed him I was solo, the response was, “I don’t care, you better make it clean Palapa”. Well it was clean, and as I was putting in my reefs, sounds of yelling wafted over, I looked back at the mark to see the same angry yeller being barreled down on by a much larger boat, it looked like a collision from my perspective but I’m not sure. At the time I just chalked it up to “this is racing”, having been in the situation many times before in fully crewed races. So, I’m happy to hear that the distinction should be made in a short handed race. This sure would make me feel safer. After reefing I contemplated my next move but was distracted by the radio chatter of this boat getting hit and that boat getting hit. Imagining blackaller to be an even worse scenario, that’s when I too dropped out.

    That all being said, I still had a blast. It was exhilarating and I learned a lot.

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    The Corinthian Awards Meeting on March 18 has been postponed due to virus concerns.

    Don Martin
    Commodore SSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philpott View Post
    Wonderful idea and welcome to the SSS! Congratulations, Singlehander in Training, you have found your niche in the SSS. Dura Mater and I will come to your first post-race party with leftover July Four sparklers. Will that be Texas barbeque?
    I wholeheartedly volunteer as the Party Planning Committee chair

    Hopefully this whole virus thing blows over, hopefully by July 4, so we can all have a healthy supply of sparklers. There will definitely be Texas Barbecue.

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    I immediately volunteered to work on a committee about this problem, but have not heard back. I know we can't meet, now but that doesn't mean we can't make some progress on the issue. Anyway, it's now been 18 days and no response, so I'm rescinding my offer.
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