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Thread: Postpone Corinthian Awards re: Covid-19

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    Default Postpone Corinthian Awards re: Covid-19

    There is currently concern about the spread of the covid-19 virus. Sporting events and other large meeting have been cancelled or postponed. At present, there is a lot of confusion and gaps in our knowledge of this virus that may clear as time passes.
    There is a proposal to postpone the Corinthian Awards until the Round-the-Rocks skipper's meeting on April 8.
    I would be interested in viewing comments from the forum about the need to postpone.

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    Postponing until the April 7 meeting is okay with me, but I think the cove-19 virus is among us and more confirmed cases will be found as testing becomes more widespread, resulting in more and more confirmed cases and more "contacts" and 14-day confinements. I think that means that by April 7 (or pick a date) the numbers will be significantly higher. Let's postpone and see what happens. Pat Broderick

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    The Aeolian BOD voted last night, to cancel all activities until further notice. This was done in the face of two clubs scheduled for two dinners and a breakfast, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
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