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    Back in the days of the Stand-Down Marathon (2012-13) I was being all libertarian about holding races anyway, resisting the calls for more safety gear, etc. Maybe I'm getting older and wiser (or maybe softer) but I'm having a problem with the current proposals.

    First, they are being posted on the main SSS forum, giving the appearance that the SSS condones them. One proposal was to use RYC's race platform if RYC allows it, which I seriously doubt they would. Even if they did, we've created a potential problem for a club to which many of us belong, and who has been more than accommodating to the SSS over the years.

    Here's an example of what may happen. My next-door neighbor at RYC was, for many years, the race chair of a club up in Puget Sound. They once forgot to pull a permit - each thought another had done it. The day came, they had a bunch of boats ready to race and they decided to run it anyway. The Coast Guard fined them $10,000. It was appealed but it took several years to resolve, and they paid a reduced fine.

    With so little traffic on the Bay, a group of sailboats in close proximity to each other is going to be pretty obvious to the Coast Guard.

    So if you feel compelled to organize something, would you please do it off the SSS forum? Corona Virus Challenge Cup, Farallones Sail-Around, etc. Not sure what the board wants to do about a solo-only Round-the-Rocks Race but if the SSS can get a permit, I'd be all over it.
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