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Thread: SSS races during shelter in place

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanH View Post
    "The facts are this virus and it's evolution is not going away in our global interconnectivity. The likelihood you have had or will catch a form of this virus is certain. Science, history and statistics say it is unavoidable. "

    Ted, I like you, but you know, I haven't caught SARS, yet. Some years I get flu shots and other years I don't and I haven't had the flu in over a decade. Also, writing down words like "science"..."history"...and ..."statistics"... does not invoke any particular authority, unless accompanied by a whole lot of data. Not that I'm asking for you to plaster this thread with "data", which I will not read.

    " If we do not use and spend money on this services, the community we have known will be dead by August." --- While I'm sure that every marine business would love to have more business, I don't think that:

    North Sails, Quantum Sails, Berkeley Marine Center, West Marine, Sausalito Yacht Harbor, KKMI, San Francisco Boat Works, Hood sails, South Beach Harbor, Fortman Marina, etc. etc. and every yacht club in the Bay Area is going to go broke on August 1st. Is this a bad situation? Yes. Yes, it is. Is it THE END OF ALL SAILING, FOREVER? No.

    If you want to sail around Treasure Island, you should do that, in your extremely cool boat...and it IS a cool boat. If other people choose not to, that's their prerogative.
    I like you too. We are on the same page with all this. I lost one of my main contractors to my small business last month to virus complications. It is personal to me. I think we do need to recognized that a season or maybe two of no competitive sailing will have an impact. The big sail makers will survive as will those boat yards that manage commercial accounts. We do not know the economic fallout and the long term effects this will have on our hobby, sport and lifestyle. I am saddened to get news emails from the Oakland yacht club cancelling events. The cancellation of the Master Mariners regatta that i am so passionate really hurts as I spend hundreds of volunteer hours each year to create, promote and market the event as well as for the Wooden Boat show at the Corinthian. My own Aeolian YC bar is dark and sadly missing. As for promotion around the island sail- i stopped promoting it here. If i could I would remove it as many found it objectionable.

    I do look forward to better days when we can all get together. When that time comes, I have a very fine bottle of rum in the dry bilge waiting to be opened and shared. I'll have lemonade for those who do not drink - we can toast and cheer when these days become safer and things return to the new normal.
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    Sailing...AS WE KNOW shrinking in the SF Bay Area. Fewer new people are getting into it. I remember, 5-6 years ago, doing a Vallejo Race after not being on the water for a few years and what hit me was that it was still all the same people. ....just older. Where were the energetic 20somethings, doing foredeck and drinking heavily and partying? They weren't there. That trend has continued.

    Nowadays, young people have to work two jobs, or be paired up in a couple, both working just to afford rent. The class of people who can afford a 25-35 foot boat with all the associated costs is getting smaller, as Bay Area rent and housing prices suck up ever more of normal people's income. As marinas empty it gets harder and harder for boatyards to make it....and they close. As real estate prices go up and up and up and up, your boatyard is worth millions to a developer. It's hard to say no to that.

    Those economic processes, which have been at work for 30 years and more in the Bay Area are shrinking the boating population more than COVID-19 ever will, IMHO. Not that COVID-19 won't do damage! For hella sure, it will.
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    I see the PSSA is holding a race sooner than the SH Farallones..... just saying.

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    Default Update from SSS Race Chair

    As Race Chair, I wanted to provide an update to the SSS community on the prospects for the race season for the remainder of the year.

    As part of the CA-wide shelter-in-place orders, the Coast Guard cancelled all maritime recreational event permits. There have been no officially-sanctioned sailboat races since the March 16 beginning of the Bay area SIP, for the SSS or any other organization. The ability to run races now and in the future is contingent on CG approval and issuing of requisite permits. We are working closely with the CG and the YRA to get back on the water as soon as it is safe and consistent with city, county, and state regulations.

    The SSS race season breaks down into the following questions:
    1) Round The Rocks - re-schedule or cancel?
    2) SH Farallones - maintain May 16 date, re-schedule, or cancel?
    3) Drake's Bay, HMB, Vallejo - maintain current dates?

    The current plans of the SSS race committee are as follows:

    1) Round The Rocks: re-schedule for a weekend in June or July, TBD

    2) SH Farallones: we will have a go/no-go from the CG this Friday 5/8 on whether we can keep the May 16 race date. If we cannot, we hope to re-schedule ASAP on a date that meets CG approval and in coordination with the YRA.

    3) Drake's HMB, Vallejo: the hope is that these races will go off as scheduled. If not, we will re-schedule as circumstances and opportunities dictate.

    As has been previously announced, we are re-scheduling the 2020 SH Transpac for 2021. This opens up the calendar in June and July to fill in some regular season races that might have to be rescheduled due to the SIP. In general it is our intention to provide a full season of racing, albeit heavily amended from the usual schedule.

    Lastly, let me say that this is frustrating to everyone, myself included. There is no way this is going to be a normal season and we are figuring it out as we go along. I believe that we can run races safely and consistent with social distancing practices. We need to convince the CG that this is true and we are working to do so. Please be patient and we will keep you appraised of the evolving plans as we learn more.

    Best (and keep sane) - Tom Boussie, RC

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    Thanks, Tom. DM standing by.

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    Tom, Thank you for the information. I know how frustrating and difficult this is for you. I'm glad you're there working on behalf of the SSS. Pat Broderick, Former SSS Race Director & Commdore, and former YRA Chairman

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